So what makes intimacy different?

Yes, massage forms the basis of the process here too, but each massage is preceded by a tantric ritual, which helps our guests to arrive and harmonize with the energies of the place and the masseuse.

in addition, a therapeutic conversation will frame the process before and after the massage, which makes it possible to open up much more easily, to get into a more liberated and relaxed mood in this special situation, and also provides great help in processing and integrating experiences.

that’s why INTIMÁZS is different: massage, intimacy, self-knowledge, self-healing

What is intimacy? One direction, one spirit.

What we believe in can perhaps define us the most!

we believe that healing is nothing more than getting close to our own center, being in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. the purpose of massage for us, in addition to awakening sexual energy, is to be able to live/experience this male/female power, and by refining, pulling up, and reclassifying this energy through our heart center, we create an opportunity for deeper self-knowledge (intimacy cultivated with ourselves for a deeper experience)and thereby to initiate self-healing processes by solving the challenges that arise.

  • We believe:
  • in the healing power of love and touch.
  • in the creative power of continuous development and desire
  • in the prime importance of pure intention and the manner of execution
  • in the role of the manifestation of masculine and feminine qualities in our world

We put a lot of emphasis on processing problems related to intimacy and sexuality, since it is a sexual energy and the most powerful energy at our disposal. Using this power, we can increase our physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.

In addition to the above values, we have put awareness and the pursuit of sustainability on our banner, so we pay special attention to the following areas, among others:

  • vegan lifestyle
  • yoga, meditation
  • reuse, waste minimization

If you think the same way, we will be able to help each other easily.

If you want to know more about our massages and how we view them, click and read our articles!

Tantra Massage

Lonian massage

Lingam Massage


In addition to our massages for women, men and couples, you can learn the teachings and experiences of Eastern sages dating back thousands of years within the framework of our training courses.

Tantric body and intimate massage

Where the energy of desire awakened in a relaxed state is refined and ennobled into healing love, which helps us to meet ourselves.

Tantric body and intimate massage education

Our goal is for you to be able to practice the acquired knowledge independently of us, even in your own home, and to be able to progress on the path to knowing yourself, either with your partner or with your own divine quality.

Intimacy & Massage

Together, the two bring refreshment and rejuvenation of the body and the soul.

Our own female and male energy and radiance are also renewed.

My mission

Creating a new image of INTIMITY!

My mission is to get to know the world, how it works, and to pass on the understanding born in me through massage, healing, and teaching to Women and Men who desire development and self-knowledge.

IntImi, Imre Cserép

dreamer, founder

Vélemények rólunk

Csaba KleinCsaba Klein
18:18 13 Feb 22
Oktatáson vettem részt és teljesen megfogott Imi nőkhöz való hozzáállása és a szakmai profizmusa. Csodálatos élmény volt. Köszönöm!
Melinda ChikánMelinda Chikán
15:56 10 Jan 22
Még soha nem kaptam ilyen hódolatot egy férfitől sem.Nemcsak megértettem, hanem érzem is, mit jelent nőnek lenni.Azóta is finom örömként jár át annak a tudata, hogy nő vagyok.Azóta más szemmel nézem a világot és benne magamat.Köszönöm.
Soter FotoSoter Foto
13:11 02 Dec 21
Imi fantasztikus profizmussal és tisztelettel vezet be egy olyan világba, amit tabuként kezelünk tévesen nagyon sokan. A felkészültsége és odafigyelése a legjobbak közé emeli őt. Tapasztalat ádatása könnyed és új mederbe segít terelni bármilyen elakadt, téves vagy hiányos tudást.Hálás köszönet a tanításért!Folytatólagos gyakorlást és fejlődést kívánok mellette mindenkinek!
Angelika BagdalAngelika Bagdal
15:29 26 Nov 21
Imi által megnyílt bennem a Tantra kapuja, most már biztosan nem lehet bezárni! Ezt az élményt férfinak, nőnek egyaránt meg kellene tapasztalni, hogy végre megértsék egymást, azt hogy EGYEK!
Zsolt NémethZsolt Németh
16:07 21 Oct 21
Először voltam életemben Tantra masszázson. Fantasztikus, felemelő, felkavaró és elgondolkodtató élmény volt. Ria több, mint masszőr! spirituális vezető, pszihológus, masszőr és NŐ! Hálás köszönetem! Zsolt

Our partners

Over the years, countless new acquaintances, friendships and business relationships were born during our work.

We consider it important to be professional and that our guests feel safe when working with certain businesses. therefore, on this page, we would like to highlight some of our partners with whom we have built a good relationship over the years.